Promentum Group – Our soil

Promentum Nordic is the blooming international branch of the regenerative organization, Promentum Group, rooted in Denmark.

Together we form a body of knowledge and experience that has become the leading Scandinavian consultancy within regenerative philosophy, leadership, culture & transformation.

We believe that future generations will neither live nor work without the regenerative paradigm being in front and centre of every act and every decision.

Our guiding principle is: “We give more than we take.”

We apply this guiding principle to everything we say and do in both leadership, company strategy and our services and partnerships.

By continuously applying this guiding principle, we gather first hand experience with regenerative leadership and transformation every single day.

Being a regenerative organization ourselves places us among the leaders of the regenerative transition taking place these years.

We are deeply committed to pass that expertise on to you no matter where you are on the regenerative journey.