Director, Partner

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift that places life at the center of our actions and decisions. In the center of our organizations and societies. This shift is happening after several hundred years where life has been too often seen as an externality that we believed we could separate from our organizations, societies, and scientific understandings. And, most importantly, from ourselves.

Such a paradigm shift does not happen on its own. I am passionate about promoting this shift together with clients, partners, course participants, and colleagues.

Here’s how I can help

– Consulting, designing, and implementing a wide range of leadership, organizational, and business development projects that place life at the center.

– Development of regenerative and liberating organizations.

– Developing leaders, subject matter experts, consultants, and project managers to become proficient in working in the tension between performance, reflection, and restoration.

– Presentations, keynotes, and facilitation of workshops within the regenerative paradigm.


About Tim:

Tim has over 20 years of consulting and advisory experience in leadership, organization, and business development. He assists clients and partners in creating value that contributes to regenerative and liberating organizational practices. He combines his extensive practical experience with his expertise in the living systems approach to help leaders and organizations master the present and the future that lies ahead.


Connect with Tim // +45 2030 2128‬